Cotswold (CTC) Weekend – 5-6 April 2014

Louise GagnonLouise Gagnon writes….


Jules and I had found out about this CTC Cheltenham event on the CTC weekly Newsletter “Cycle Clips”.  And so off we went on what was a rather cloudy but rain free April Saturday morning, covering the journey to Cheltenham from Guildford in a mere 2 hours. We had a choice of rides to go on and after quickly ruling out the 75 miler and the family oriented 32 miler, we set off on one of the popular Intermediate rides. As always, it was the people that made the day so beautifully memorable. How incredible that despite that fact that we were from 8 different CTC groups, we all showed up pretty well dressed the same, with similarly attired bikes, rode pretty well in the same fashion, and all exuded typical CTC good humour and bonhomie (a French word from the 18th Century, bien sur) Well done Cheltenham CTC!

20140406 015

Looking over the Malvern Hills, following what is probably the longest uninterrupted single file in CTC’s history; 23 riders.

20140406 016

Quick: finish your cake: the ride leader is leaving!

20140406 017

British cycling: a sea of fluorescent bananas, as far as the eye can see…

20140406 022The chap on the right actually said “If I was you, I wouldn’t do it this way”.  He proved to be right!

20140406 027

An Exeter CTC world travelled mascot. (India, Vietnam, etc.). No wonder it is now bald.

The Bicycle Icycle 2014

The ride, which took place on Sunday 6 April, attracted 7 people (including the organiser and your scribe), five of whom were West Surrey riders. These were Claire Hooper, Peter Hackman, Clive Richardson, Chris Boggon and a friend of his, Andrew Grundy from Tadworth; and finally Trevor Strudwick, who used to be one of us but moved to south Wales a few years back. Trevor was here to remind himself how grotty and awful our local lanes can be; he was not to be disappointed!



The forecast was poor and it rained gently on the morning of the ride, leading up to the start. In fact, although most wore waterproofs during the ride, what rain there was was light. The weather could best be described as mild and dank. A thick mist surrounded Leith Hill and the higher parts of the Surrey Hills. It was not the kind of day that many would have wished to ride on, which doubtless accounts for the poor turnout.



Despite the weather having been relatively dry for ten or more days prior to the event, such little rain as had fallen during the hours prior to the ride was very much in evidence on the roads, which were in a generally dreadful condition, notably the lane which led south from Thorncombe Street. Mare Lane too was as bad as ever and it was exceptional that no fewer than four cars were passed on that lane as we rode it – three coming the other way. Another mysteriously turned round at the top and returned the way it came; was it something we said?

All completed the course and, as has become customary, we rode round together, getting to the finish at 14.25 hours, thus completing the course in a tad under five hours, a good hour later than in previous years; this despite not stopping at the shop in Peaslake or dropping down to Shere. However, two people had punctures and all waited while they were repaired.


Many hands make light work

Despite the weather, which wasn’t really that bad, it was, as always, an enjoyable ride through superb scenery. A lengthier article will appear in the Magazine in due course.

To view the course in detail click on this link

And here’s an image of the route and gradient profile.

Snip of Route

Yours truly at the first Info Control, gathering Q&As for future years

Yours truly at the first Info Control, gathering Q&As for future years

Mare Lane summit

Mare Lane summit

Nearing Hascombe

Nearing Hascombe



Claire storming along

Claire storming along

The short sharp climb after the lake at Friday Street

The short sharp climb after the lake at Friday Street

Peter setting the pace (as usual!)

Peter setting the pace (as usual!)

South of Thorncombe Street

South of Thorncombe Street

Climbing Winterfold

Climbing Winterfold

Trevor going well

Trevor going well

All Chris needs is a Rapha top to complete 'the look'!

All Chris needs is a Rapha top to complete ‘the look’!

Woking~ Party in the Park ~ Saturday 5th July 2014

Subject: Party in the Park 2014

Dear all,

We will be running another Party in the Park event this year on Saturday 5 July from 12pm – 6pm in Woking Park and we are now taking expressions of interest from all sports clubs in the Borough.

For those of you who are unaware of the event please see information here which gives details about last years event – It is a family event with music, dance, food and sport, which would provide a fantastic chance for your club to advertise themselves to 8,000 local people.

If you are able to attend would you be able to answer the following questions to express your interest:

–       What activity would you be able to provide (any images you may have would be great)?

–       Would you have support from your NGB to do this (I know some NGB’s have a pool of equipment/money to support events like this)?

–       How much space would this activity require?

–       Do you have enough volunteers to man the activity from 12pm-6pm on a Saturday?

–       Do you have PLI up to £5million?

–       We would not charge you a pitch fee this year if you were happy to provide a free activity with an opportunity to publicise your club to 8,000 local people?

I look forward to hearing back you and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks,



Matt Glazier | Sports Development Officer | Neighbourhood Services


Woking Borough Council, Civic Offices, Gloucester Square, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6YL

Phone: 01483 743804 | Fax: 01483 768746 | Web:

For general enquiries please call the Contact Centre on 01483 755855

Description: http://ewok/images/instances/000050291E97.7F000001.00000901.0003.jpg


Surrey Youth Games 2014

To access free taster sessions in sports across the borough, please fill in the online form to register your interest.


Farnham Wayfarers Ride, Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Leader Liz Palethorpe writes…

It was very difficult to keep track of the participants, but here goes!

Nine people turned up at the Maltings: Liz, Marion, Carol, Angela and Dave, John, Dave, Jonathan and “Million Mile Russ”. On hearing that the coffee stop was at Selborne, Russ immediately decided he would make his own (circuitous) way there. We picked up Roger as we went through Rowledge thereby allowing him an extra half hour in bed. As we got going again one of the riders stopped without warning to pick something up he had spotted in the road, Disc Brake Dave stopped OK, but John cannoned into him and deposited him (Dave) in a heap in the middle of the road. As nobody at the front had noticed this circus act, the front group rode on.

Liz then decided to deviate from the route worked out with Roger and rode through Alice Holt Forest leaving five of us including Roger to stick to the agreed route.

As we rode into Sleaford we picked up a guest who had been patiently waiting by the roadside on the agreed route. We crossed the main road at Sleaford and rode via Kingsley and Oakhanger to Selborne where John Sadler was spotted lurking near the Queens Hotel, having decided to ride out to coffee and then go home.  He disappeared after coffee together with Angela and Dave who had ridden in from Lightwater to the start and Russ who obviously did not fancy the climb up to the “Pub With No Name” at Colemore (or perhaps it was not far enough).

After the coffee stop we went through Farringdon, then up Farringdon Hill, turned left, dropped down on to the A32, crossed over the main road and rode up through Colemore, stopping to admire the church on the way, and then on to the pub where there was a gathering of vintage cars in the car park: two Frazer Nashes, a Bugatti, an Austin Healey 3000 and an Austin “Chummy”. Propping up the bar was Sue Thorne who had driven out to the pub to meet us.

After lunch the ride back went through East Tisted, Selbourne, Blackmoor, Whitehill, Standford, Lindford, Frensham, Shortfield and back to Farnham. To summarise, We started with nine, lost one immediately, picked up two more en route and another at coffee, lost four after the coffee stop, picked up another at lunch and got back with six, having lost two more in Frensham!