Most groups are now using Spond to set up rides and to communicate with members. Therefore in most instances this may be the most convenient way to advise of changes to rides etc. Alternatively (or in addition to), the following methods can be used.

Emailing Ride Groups:

Each Ride Group maintains a list of those wishing to be contacted about future rides. Ride Leaders can therefore communicate with their Group by sending an email to a Google Group or a message via WhatsApp. Please contact me if you would like permission to do this, and or get in touch with the Group WhatsApp administrator.

Changes to Rides

The Rides Secretary in consultation with Group Leaders prepares a schedule of all West Surrey Cycling Club rides for the forthcoming Quarter. This is then detailed on the Club’s Google Calendar.  If you are leading a ride and need to amend the details of any of the forthcoming rides, you should consult the Rides Secretary and contact me to set up the necessary permissions. Urgent changes to rides, for example because of poor riding conditions, should be communicated to riders promptly via WhatsApp, the relevant Google Group, and by posting a Newsflash announcement (see below)

Submitting Blog Posts:

If you would like to submit Blog posts of your latest rides or anything else of interest, you can either post them yourself if you are familiar with using WordPress, or alternatively send me the text and any photos and we will post it for you.

Newsflash announcements:

If you need to announce a last minute change to rides (in addition to the advice above) you can post a Newsflash item on the front page of the website. Please contact me for details of how to do it

For any more information please contact me

John Child