1. Popular GPS plotting software

A description of how to use plotting software, then download the route to your GPS: here

2. The Club’s route database.

Since 2014, West Surrey Cycling Club has kept a record of all Mid-week Wayfarers Grade 3  rides, and the Register and Database is accessible on Dropbox. To access this click the Dropbox link below.

  • Look at the Register of Rides (Excel), which lists Start Location, Date, Coffee Stop, Lunch Stop, Ride Leader and the Route Names.
  • Decide where you would like to start
  • The Routes Database is catalogued by Start Location. There you will find the routes named in the Rides Register.

Dropbox link.

Routes are often saved in several different formats, the most popular being TCX which will work on current Garmin units and give turn by turn directions.  If you have an older Garmin or a different GPS Satnav you can download the files and then convert the files into GPS format at this site.

Many rides are now also saved as .png (graphic) files so they can easily be viewed prior to downloading.