All your rides automatically updated on your smartphone

All of our forthcoming rides will now be published on public Google calendars.

They allow you to see the rides you might be interested in alongside your own personal calendar items. They show exactly the same ride details as our website, and are automatically updated with any last-minute changes as the website is updated.

How to get them on an iPhone or iPad

Copy on to the clipboard the relevant link below (click and hold until ‘COPY’ appears)

Go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Add Account>Other>Add Subscribed Calendar and paste the URL address into the box and the Next on the next screen.

You can repeat this for as few or as many of our calendars as you like. You’ll then see them in your list of calendars in your Calendar App, and can show or hide them there at any time.

If you own a Mac, you can also set up subscribed calendars on the Mac’s Calendar which can then automatically update your iPhone/iPad, see here for instructions.

Do NOT click on the link and add the events to your calendar – this does not subscribe to the online Calendar but will only download the events currently uploaded and will not update in future.


How to get them – if you have a Google account
You’ll already have a Google account if you use GMail or have an Android phone.

Start by going to Google Calendar on your PC and signing in.

On the left hand side, towards the bottom, you’ll see “Other Calendars”. Click the “drop-down” icon alongside this, then choose “Add by URL”. Paste in the appropriate URL from the list below, and click “Add Calendar”.

You only need to do this set-up once, and then you can show or hide the individual calendars on your Google Calendar at any time.

If you now sync your Google account calendar with your Android phone, you’ll see our calendars in the list of those available in your calendar app – again, you’ll be able to show or hide them here at any time. After syncing, on the phone open Google calendars, then press menu (this is the button with  three horizontal lines), click on calendars to display. There will then be a list of the CTC calendars. Click on this and it will then be shown on the main calendar display.


How to use them on your desktop or laptop PC
Some PC email/calendar clients, such as Outlook 2010 and Thunderbird with Lightning, allow you to display “remote calendars” alongside your own. In Outlook 2010, just click on click on the link (with Outlook active). The option is given to open the link or store it. If you open the link, Outlook calendars open and the relevant calendar displays with an option to include or exclude on the left hand side You can repeat this for as few or as many of our calendars as you like.


G1 Evergreens:

G1/2 Farnham:

G4 Sunday:

G2/3/4/5 Midweek:

G2 Woking:

Special events: