Please follow these guidelines to help make our club rides safe and enjoyable.

Guidelines for All Riders

    • Be familiar with and obey the Highway Code and show consideration to other road users and to fellow riders.
    • Wear a cycling helmet and light coloured or fluorescent clothing.
    • Eye protection and cycling gloves are recommended.
    • Follow instructions given by the Ride Leader and Back Marker for the safety of yourself and fellow riders.
    • Use cycling calls (see table below) to alert fellow riders to hazards.
    • Use hand signals when turning and to point out hazards.
    • Do not cycle too close to other riders and do not overlap your front wheel with the rear wheel of the bike in front.
    • Arrive in good time for the briefing at the start of the ride.
    • Bring water, phone, and cash/cards.
    • Carry ICE details (enter your ICE details into your Spond profile, see here for details).
    • Ensure your bike is in good mechanical condition.
    • As a minimum, carry a spare inner tube, tyre lever(s), and pump/gas.
    • Put lights on your bike in case the ride is delayed so the return is after dark, or visibility is poor.
    • Flashing front and back lights are recommended to make you more visible during the day, throughout the year.
    • Use full-length mudguards in wet weather as a courtesy to following riders.
    • Bring clothing, as appropriate, for cold, wet, and hot weather.
    • Do not leave the ride without advising the Ride Leader.
    • If you feel unwell during the ride advise the Ride Leader (or Back Marker) immediately.
    • Seek advice – the club has many experienced riders who are happy to advise on safety, bikes, clothing, repairs, and good rides.

Calls - mandatory

Car FrontMade by the Leader (or others near the front): a vehicle coming towards the group may be a hazard.
Car BackMade by the Back Marker (or riders near the back) – a vehicle behind that may be overtaking.
Stopping / SlowingThe rider intends to Stop or Slow down.
Single file / Single outAn instruction from Leader or Back Marker. Mandatory move to single file riding to allow a car to overtake or because of a narrow road.
Car Left / RightTo warn of a car approaching. There may be a requirement to stop.
Open GapsA mandatory instruction from Leader or Back Marker to split into smaller groups to allow traffic to overtake safely. Typical group size is 5 riders, who will then need to self-discipline (with calls). The groups should be at least 5 car lengths apart.
ClearA courtesy call to assist riders in crossing an intersection.
Other advisory callsTo alert other riders of a Pedestrian, Runner, Horse, Hole, Gravel, Puncture etc 
(use appropriate hand signals as necessary).
All Up!A call (often mandatory) made by the back marker to advise the leader that all riders are accounted for.