Riders who qualify to lead rides are registered with Cycling UK and are paid up members. A ride leader’s overall responsibility is to make sure everyone comes home safely. Certain mandatory action is required to ensure essential Cycling UK insurance.


A Ride Leader must:
    • Plan the route in advance.  Plan a route that takes into consideration road conditions, group riding strength, weather, daylight hours and appropriate stops.
    • Appoint a Back Marker.  Appoint a reliable & experienced rider to act as your eyes & ears and protect the group at the back.
    • Count riders & advise back marker.
    • Have a written list of all Attendees at the start.
    • Sign up visitors.  Cycling UK insurance requires non-Cycling UK riders to be registered for the ride.
    • Brief the Group.  At the start of the ride, briefly explain the route and coffee stops. Introduce the back marker, and warn the group of any likely hazards. Subject to traffic conditions split the ride into smaller groups..
    • Give warning signals.  Use hand signals and calls as appropriate.


Guidance to LeadersExplanation
Newcomers / visitorsAssign an experienced rider to stay with a visitor.
Vulnerable adults & childrenEnsure the ride adheres to the Cycling UK Safeguarding Code of Conduct. The relevant guides can be found Here.
Signpost & Regroup as necessaryAsk a rider to stay and signpost if a change in direction – regroup at a safe location from time to time to ensure no rider is left behind. Use the opportunity for an additional briefing of any hazards ahead.
 (Carry a first aid kit if qualified)Read the detailed guidelines for action to be taken in the event of an accident (warning parties, call emergency services, protect the injured party – silver blanket for shock, apply first aid if qualified). Complete a Cycling UK incident report upon return.
In heavy trafficIt is hazardous to undertake (filter through) stationary vehicles when in a group. Exercise caution when overtaking – cyclists may become “stranded” in the right hand lane. Stay back and be patient.
PuncturesAt least one experienced rider (who knows the destination) stays with the unfortunate cyclist. The group might welcome a break.
Post-ride debriefConduct a short review of remaining riders to get their views on the day and opportunities for improvement.

Ride Leader Advice

Planning a ride

Check route beforehand – planned roadworks and interruptions can be seen on this website 

Windsor Great park rules are here, cycling is allowed on more paths than indicated on the linked December 2021 map.

Use Plotaroute OSM, light brown dots exclude cycles while light and heavy brown dashed and roads allow cycling in the public areas.

OpenStreetMap is not explicit so best to check with other maps.

You can download previous rides as TCX files from the  Dropbox link.

Take a guest entry form.

Print out an attendance form to be filled in at the start of the ride.  Contact Neil McIntyre to be given access to the latest version.

You can let the Group know of last minute changes by using the WhatsApp groups, by sending an email to the relevant Google Group  and by posting a ‘Newsflash’ item to the website. For details of how to do this please contact the Webmaster .

After the Ride

Scan or photograph the Attendance Form and then send form to Neil McIntyre.

If you were involved in a traffic incident you can report it here Online form (Surrey), Online Form (Sussex),

You can report potholes in Surrey here or or for Hampshire  here