Cycling kit orders

In response to multiple requests by club members, including some of of our many new riders, we have taken steps to re-open the club kit shop with our suppliers Alé.
The link to the WSCC shop can be found at:
If you click this link, it will ask you to either log in (if you have previously created an account) or to create a new account with Alé.  But if you prefer not to do that, no problem: the key info is set out in this email:
  • The shop will be open until Sunday 10 October, after which our orders will be collated and sent to the manufacturer for delivery to members in about 8 weeks (ie early/mid December).  Since (we are reliably informed) all other shops will be completely out of stock in the run-up to Christmas this year, this means that a club kit order could be your one and only opportunity to unwrap a present on Christmas Day!
  • You can order either direct for home delivery, or ask me to include you in a club order that I will make on your behalf.  Home delivery incurs a cost of £5 per order, whereas if you take the club order option you will have to pay the club when you order and pick up from my house (in Send) when the order arrives.
  • The product options are the same as before, namely short-sleeve jerseys, long-sleeve jerseys and gilets, which all come in either men’s or women’s fittings – so there are 6 products in all.  I have posted pictures of the items along with prices below.
  • Each of these 6 products comes in a choice of 9 sizes from X-small to XXXXX-large.
  • However, Alé requires that we order at least 5 of any one item in order to make production viable.  That means that we would need (for example) to order 5 women’s short-sleeve jerseys in order to meet the requirement, but that qualifying order can be made up from any combination of the 9 size options.
  • The product prices are around 10% LOWER than they were for the previous two options to buy.  This is a one-off concession that will apply only to this order window.  The short sleeve jerseys are £41, the long-sleeve jerseys are £49, and the gilets are £46.
  • It should be much easier for everyone to get the right size this time round, since we no have so many club members already wearing the Alé WSCC kit.  Alé’s size guide is at, but you might find it much easier to simply ask fellow club members what worked for them.  There are some quirks in the sizing, especially for the short-sleeve jerseys.
This will probably be the last chance to order club kit for a while, and also the last and only chance to buy at these discounted prices.
We might buy some extra items for club stock, but if we do they will be sold on at normal (undiscounted) prices.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.


Alé Prime Gilet Wind.  Club Price £46 (RRP £80)

Alé Long Sleeve Jersey, Club price £49 (RRP £85)

Alé Prime Jersey short sleeve, Club price £41 (RRP £75)

Guildford Car Free Day – 26th September

Car Free Day is Sunday 26th September 2021   10:00am – 4:30pm

Flying elephants will fly over Guildford if it is car free, but we can do our bit.

Guildford Borough Council are closing Guildford High Street and WSCC/G-BUG/ZCG are sharing a stand of 6 tables.

Many people are put off cycling as they only know the routes they or their parents drive in cars.

Pat Daffarn with dual hat G-BUG and WSCC /Cycling UK with other WSCC members are supporting Car Free Day and aim to:

  • Show routes away from traffic, supported by physical maps and webs plotaroute, ridewithGPS, google maps and the SCC cycle pages.
  • Lead small groups.
  • Ambassador the cycling benefits, including time benefit over car driving and parking
  • Explain cycle parking and security.
  • Not to actively recruit for WSCC, but if asked, we will supply our calling card.

So far GBC have various markets (Ethical Vegan, Rural Crafts, Antiques, Farmers’), stalls (street food, environmental groups, local groups including GBUG/WSCC), street play for children, street performers and allowing for businesses to have tables and chairs out on the pavement/road.

If you would like to support, speak to Pat on 07801713518.  He will post more information like start and end times when he gets them.

In the mean time the SCC Transport Plan presentation is worth viewing  Transport accounted for 46% of Surrey’s carbon emissions in 2019. Surrey plans to reduce its carbon footprint by 60% by 2035, and to zero by 2050, mostly by improved public transport cycling, walking with facilities within 20 minutes.

Note “Segregated or low speed, traffic calmed routes, with cyclists and pedestrians having separate routes” with “Segregated Cycle Lanes” defined as “A path for cyclists that is separate to motor traffic and pedestrians .”

Do SCC really plan to increase cycling by removing cycles from the shared use paths?

Pat Daffarn

West Surrey Centenary event

It’s 100 years since our club was formed!


On Sunday Sept 5th, 50 WSCC members and partners celebrated 100 years since the club was formed in 1921. Many people enjoyed a ride in glorious sunshine to/from MCafe in Cranleigh. Angela, Dom and Jasmine served up a delicious afternoon tea including the legendary carrot cake that has firmly put MCafe as a ‘go-to’ destination for cyclists from far and wide.

It was wonderful to see a ‘sea of yellow and blue’ and to hear chatter and laughter far exceeding normal levels (apparently). Phil Gasson provided some lovely words to mark the occasion. He ended by saying he hoped the club would still be here in another 100 years. Hear, Hear.


Do not buy from Evans Cycles online

Do not buy from Evans Cycles; their online purchasing systems are no longer fit for purpose.
I have bought many things from Evans over many years, so when I needed a replacement bottom bracket and Evans was the only online shop (out of at least half a dozen) not showing the item as “out of stock”, I did not hesitate to order.
Two days after receiving the order confirmation email I received a second: “Unfortunately the items listed below are no longer in stock. You will not be charged for any of these items As a result we have had to cancel these items from your order and any pending reservations will be released back into your account within 2 – 5 working days.”
A week later my PayPal account still showed £24.99 reserved to Evans pending order completion. This was £25 of my money I was unable to spend.
I emailed Evans again; their two replies said: (1) “We do not take payments for orders until the order has been dispatched. Until then, the funds sit as pending with your bank until we request the funds. As the order has been cancelled, this is now down to your bank to release the funds back. If they have not been released back, please contact your bank.”, and (2) “The order has been cancelled in full for you. ?It is now down to PayPal to refund the funds. As you can see from the email we sent, the order has been cancelled and is proof that the order has been cancelled.”
I contacted PayPal, who said they could not consider cancelling a reservation until at least 30 days had passed. It was down to the merchant to cancel the reservation.
That seems entirely reasonable to me; a reservation is an arrangement between the merchant and PayPal to which I am not a party. Only Evans can cancel it.
I emailed Evans yet again. They replied: “I have just spoken with my senior advisor and we have put the cancellation request through again for you. This means the reservation should be cancelled and the funds should be released back in your account within 7 working days.”
Two weeks later Evans emailed this: “Thank you for getting in touch. We have now closed this matter. If you feel your query isn’t resolved yet, please reply to this email and we will get back to you.”
I checked my PayPal account: there was still £25 of my own money I could not spend, so I replied to Evans to say that the matter was not closed until they had cancelled their reservation, and I contacted PayPal again.
Their representative replied: “I perfectly understand that you wanted to cancel the transaction you have with EVANS CYCLES LIMITED and upon checking,since it was still under a pending authorization, they are the only one who has an access to cancel it for we only have an option to cancel it after at least 30 days. For your convenience, I will be the one to send a notification to the account manager of the merchant for them to cancel the authorization on their end. For the cancellation of this, I don’t want to provide any guarantee when it will get cancelled for we don’t have any control about their cancellation process.”
That seems to have done the trick. The reservation disappeared from my PayPal account one 31-day month after the original order, a period which included a good few hours of hassle I did not need, and at the end of it I still needed a bottom bracket.
Evans Cycles haven’t a clue how to run an online business. Just look at their reviews on Trustpilot. I shall not be using them again.

Out of The Shadows – forthcoming gigs



The band I perform with (Out of the Shadows) has a number of autumn gigs in the diary and I am aware that there are a number of WSCC members that have expressed an interest to Martin and/or me in coming along.  Obviously plans have to remain flexible given the unknown challenges Covid may present, but assuming people are comfortable with being indoors we currently have the following dates scheduled:

Sat 9th Oct    Elstead Village Hall 19:30   (£25 with a fish and chip supper) in aid of Chiks ( A Farnham based charity providing orphanage care to children overseas).

Fri 19th Nov  Camberley Masonic Lodge  19:30 (Probably £15 entry) in aid of Muscular Dystrophy.

Sat 4th Dec    Ash Victoria Hall  19:30 (Probably £15 entry) in aid of Alzheimer’s Society & Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.

These are all charity events so the more people attending the merrier (and better) it will be for the various charities. Some are still in the planning stages – but at least people can see when/where the gigs will be and can put dates in the diary if they’d like to come!  It would be great to have a WSCC contingent and make a social evening of it like we did back in 2019 in Camberley.  60s costumes always welcome 🙂

If anybody would like tickets please drop me an email () and I can let the relevant people know details nearer the time.

Looking forward to seeing some of you again soon.

Kind regards