Below is a list of the current accredited Ride Leaders:


Rides Secretary

John Carolin

Alison Dorsett
Andy Craig
Andy Ramsay
Angela Byrne or on the day only
Anne Tanner
Bob McLeod
Bill Pollard
Charles Tonkin
Brian Ross
Chris Jeggo
Chris Williamson
Clare Price
Clive Richardson or
Colin Edwards
Dave Williamson
David Price
David Ross or
Derek Ridyard
Don Gray
Harry Glover
Hilary Stephenson
Ian Pickering
Jennie Johnson
Jerry Sender
Jill Ridyard
John Carolin
John Child
John Hodder
John Murdoch
John Pritchard
John Sadler
John Wills
Keith Ricketts
Keith Stainer
Kevin Hawken
Laurie Mutch
Les Roberts
Leoni Onslow
Liz Palethorpe or
Mark Slater
Mark Waters
Martin Skinner
Martin Vinson
Mike Buckeridge
Neil McIntyre
Nick Davison
Nic Flew
Pat Daffarn
Paul Herber
Penny Knight
Peter Fennemore
Peter Hackman
Pete Hathaway
Phil Gasson
Roger Palethorpe
Roger Philo
Steve Brooks
Sue Johnson
Sue Shaw
Tim Richards
William Lowries