3 cafés tour with Sunday Riders 27/07/14


Bob McLeod



Bob McLeod writes….


Peter has just returned from holiday so is somewhat pushed for time. As I took these few snaps he has delegated the report to me, Bob. 

I’m not a regular Sunday rider but Pauline was busy at Rustic Sunday in Tilford so I was a free agent for a whole day. Dane has claimed that their Sunday rides are no faster than group 4  so this was a chance to test that hypothesis.
Farnham leisure centre is a good meeting place as the facilities including coffee are available and there was a triathlon transition from the bikes to watch; including some of those streamlined helmets rushing in.
There were eight of us, all bar one of us identifiable from the pictures. My apologies to Chris Boggon who was on a very elegant recumbent, although being made of steel it didn’t stand a chance uphill.  Chris left after coffee at Sherfield on Loddon before I managed to grab a photo of him.

Just missing Chris who got stuck behind the vehicle

The GC at Sherfield had a pleasant garden where we relaxed with compulsory cake and drinks. The main road was busy as we left but the traffic stopped for us to cross the road and take the path. Shortly we saw approaching members of Fleetcycling in their flashy new kit. Such was our combined closing speed that I was only able to yell a quick greeting to a few friends who I cycle with on Thursdays.
We skirted round Basingstoke to the North through some unfamiliar, to me, lanes that sometimes offered shade although we mostly had a pleasant breeze from the west to keep us cool.
Popham airport was another new venue to me and very nice it was in the sunshine. Lots of activity on the airfield that Peter with his background was expected to know all about. He did very well. The snacks from the air conditioned club room were fine and the staff very welcoming. The group have a very relaxed approach, there was no rush to get moving. Some time was spent in choosing where we should have afternoon tea. We settled on Gloria’s in Selbourne. The route was a mixture of lanes we knew from rides around Micheldever, ——-

Just checking.

——-followed by a part of the Danebury and then with help from Danes GPS we got there after 4 but the tearoom was still open and gave us a friendly welcome. Anne had found this little cafe a short while ago and we can certainly recommend it for small groups like ours, just seven of us.

Just before tea we had the obligatory puncture but no trouble in the sunshine especially when your leader repairs it for you.

Where is Peter?



l left the group at Selbourne as they had plans for the steep hill at Oakhanger.
It was a great ride and nice to catch up with Martin, who used to ride with us on Wednesdays, and his triathlete wife Heidi (good luck in your challenge). The route below is from Dane’s GPS and shows that he did 100+ miles at just over 14mph.
I was quite pleased with my 92 miles at a similar pace and arrived home fitter than I sometimes am after a Wednesday ride. I didn’t get the chance for a beer at lunchtime but can’t believe that had any effect on how I felt at the end.
Highly recommended group. Give them a try.
Thanks to all.

Tour of the Hills – 17 August

John Murdoch



John Murdoch writes…


There is now less than a month to go before the Tour of the Hills, the Club’s major event of the year (and largest fundraiser by far), and one which is gaining an ever increasing reputation amongst clubs and riders.  image2

Whilst Don is “El Supremo”, it is very much a club event, which means that it not only needs club support to make it happen, but it is also when the whole club – riders from all the different groups, as well as current non-riders but still very much club members – can get together, represent the club, work as a team, and have fun.


The specific requirements are for:-

Marshals – it is essential that we marshal a number of controls, otherwise the event simply cannot take place.  All that is required is that you turn up at a specified point and sign the cards of all the riders as they arrive, also making a note of who has passed though.  The first control opens at about 10.00, the last just after 13.00, with early controls only needing to be open for an hour or so, but later ones (as the riders get more spread out, which makes the job of the marshal less hectic) needing to remain open for 3 to 4 hours.  If you can help, please contact John Murdoch on 01276-681131 or johnmatsouthview@btinternet.com; early applicants will get priority in choosing their control.

Catering – this word hardly does justice to the amazing spread laid on by Louise and her team, last year, and having established the benchmark, this clearly needs to be maintained.  That requires volunteers to help with the preparation and serving of the food, with stints generally being 3 hours or so.  If last year is anything to go by, participants will certainly have fun.  Please contact Louise on 01483-457739 or bridgethatgap@hotmail.com  to volunteer

Wednesday Ride ~ 23 July 2014

Our annual trip up the Basingstoke Canal / Wey Navigation to the Thames, then along the river to Richmond took place on one of the hottest days of the year. Very little tarmac was encountered, otherwise it would possibly have been necessary to comment on things like melting tarmac; instead suffice to say that the dust rose as we sped past, first the six members of ‘Group 4’, followed closely by a larger number of Group 3 riders who did more or less exactly the same route. This included a circuit of Richmond Park where the only hill of the day was encountered – two in fact if you look at the profile of the route on Garmin (http://connect.garmin.com/course/7359524). Thanks to John C for this. Rico’s Group 1 members took a different route but we all ended up in the same pub – The Anglers in Twickenham – for an expensive beer and sandwich.

Thanks to John M and Laurie for leading the groups; it’s fair to say, I think, that a great time was had by all.

Ride distance 40 miles

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