Safe cycling routes in Guildford. Tell the council what you think about their new plans

Surrey Council have released their plans for a new Sustainable Movement Corridor (West) to help improve sustainable travel from the Research Park to the station. Please help us make it better by commenting today  

We think the plans don’t go far enough and we need your help to improve the route for those who want to cycle this route safely.
Have a look at the plans here and then go to the Surrey Council website to make your voice heard by this Sunday 29th October.

Here’s some of our feedback that you might want to include in your response:

The planned SMC(West) will have many stops and delays for cyclists. It is essential to minimise waiting times at junctions, exits etc, otherwise cyclists will be tempted to take risks, or just stay on the road, and the plans will not create a significant modal shift.
Priority must be given to cyclists over motor traffic (eg dedicated lights, ‘tiger crossings’ or Dutch-style roundabouts.
On dedicated cycle paths, separate marked lanes for cyclists and pedestrians must be provided.
Turns for motor vehicles entering and exiting the side roads need to be tightened to make them safer for those crossing on bikes and on foot.

West Surrey Cycle Clothing – New Order




A new order for West Surrey cycle clothing will shortly be placed, so now is the time to refresh your own cycling wardrobe.

The committee have agreed to provide a generous discount on all clothing, to encourage West Surrey members to wear our own branded kit.  This subsidy includes a commitment to cover the cost of any surcharges levied by our supplier for low order volumes, which means for the first time we can quote a guaranteed price for reach item, no matter what quantity is ordered.

Our ability to provide this subsidy results from the profits made on club events such as the Tour of the Hills, and our wish to give this back for the benefit of members.  Therefore, those who helped out on events this year can be rewarded for their contribution, and those who did not can also benefit, and no doubt make a note to support the Club and help out next year.

A full list of the clothing available is attached.  Ladies should note that for the first time the basic short and long sleeve jerseys are available in Sport fit, which is a more generous cut than the Pro fit which previously was the only one offered.

Above is an image of the latest jersey design.  We have made changes to a couple of logos to bring them up-to-date, but otherwise the design and colours remain as per previous clothing.  I can particularly recommend the winter cycling jerseys and winter bib tights (the latter men’s only, I’m afraid), as well as the wind jacket.  The basic short and long sleeve jerseys are particularly good value, as the club discount is higher on these items.

Please also see Owayo’s website for all product details, as well as sizes (click “view product” on the web page).  The clothing tends to be a “snug fit”, so please take care when ordering; as an example, at 5’ 9” and 10 stone, I wear jerseys that are large, not medium, and in my opinion they fit well.  I suggest you have a word with friends who already wear club clothing before ordering.

In order to place an order, please e-mail me on, specifying item(s) to be ordered and size.  I will then reply to confirm the order, and advise how and when payment should be made.

All orders must be placed with me by Sunday 19th November at the latest.  

John Murdoch

Owayo Cycling Kit, member pricing 10.17 2

Cycling Facilities in Guildford

The following message was received recently concerning provision of places to park cycles in Guildford High Street. I’m sure many of us would support this initiative so please take a few moments to send an email to Guildford BC’s Conservation Officer – full details below.

Dear Mr Waters

I am a member of the congregation of Holy Trinity Church in Guildford (top of the High Street).  We are currently engaged in a programme to encourage and support more sustainable lifestyles, not only amongst our own congregation but also the public. One aspect of this is to encourage more of our congregation to use their cars less and cycle into Guildford.  To this end, we are currently trying to persuade Guildford Borough Council to put 2 – 3 cycle racks outside Holy Trinity Church which would, of course, be available to everyone. Cllr Mark Brett-Warburton from Surrey County Council is pushing hard on our behalf because some of his cycling constituents are keen for more cycle racks to be available for those coming into the top end of the High Street from the east.

Although this is a Surrey CC matter, we need to get the agreement of Guildford Borough Council because the proposed racks will be in a Conservation Area. We have had a site meeting with Guildford Borough Council’s Conservation Officer – Marianna Beadsworth – but she is arguing that she has to see evidence of need. Would you be willing to support us in our initiative?   If you could write in support to  and copy it to me (, I would be really grateful.

If I can supply you with any further information, or if you would like to discuss this on the phone.  I can be reached on 01483 427585.

Kind regards

David Uzzell


Louise in Canada:

To fellow West Surrey-ites,
Just to let you know how our old pal Louise is doing back home in Ottawa.
She’s flying the flag as always for safer and more inclusive cycling, The link below shows one of her four volunteer jobs, riding a £7,000 Danish bike and helping to give the old folk a lot of pleasure:

  click here to see video

She sends her friends in the club her very best wishes.
Paul Gillingham