The following message was received recently concerning provision of places to park cycles in Guildford High Street. I’m sure many of us would support this initiative so please take a few moments to send an email to Guildford BC’s Conservation Officer – full details below.

Dear Mr Waters

I am a member of the congregation of Holy Trinity Church in Guildford (top of the High Street).  We are currently engaged in a programme to encourage and support more sustainable lifestyles, not only amongst our own congregation but also the public. One aspect of this is to encourage more of our congregation to use their cars less and cycle into Guildford.  To this end, we are currently trying to persuade Guildford Borough Council to put 2 – 3 cycle racks outside Holy Trinity Church which would, of course, be available to everyone. Cllr Mark Brett-Warburton from Surrey County Council is pushing hard on our behalf because some of his cycling constituents are keen for more cycle racks to be available for those coming into the top end of the High Street from the east.

Although this is a Surrey CC matter, we need to get the agreement of Guildford Borough Council because the proposed racks will be in a Conservation Area. We have had a site meeting with Guildford Borough Council’s Conservation Officer – Marianna Beadsworth – but she is arguing that she has to see evidence of need. Would you be willing to support us in our initiative?   If you could write in support to  and copy it to me (, I would be really grateful.

If I can supply you with any further information, or if you would like to discuss this on the phone.  I can be reached on 01483 427585.

Kind regards

David Uzzell


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  1. Here’s what I’ve sent in:
    I understand from David Uzzell that you remain to be convinced about the need for more cycle parking in Guildford High Street.

    I am one of a number of people who attach their bike to the rather nice tree ear the phone box, or alternatively the not so nice but highly effective pub sign. I do this about twice a week on average, to visit Holy Trinity, the Post Office and Sainsbury’s. I am far from the only user of these unofficial parking resources.

    You cannot have failed to notice the numbers of bikes attached to lampposts in the vicinity of Sainsbury’s: sometimes it’s difficult to find a spare one. I’m afraid cyclists (even law-abiding ones) would prefer to park close to their destination than further away using proper facilities such as the excellent cycle racks outside the library. Also, there have been occasions when I have seen these completely full.

    Provision of any quality bike parking outside holy Trinity would be most welcome. It might have the added benefit of encouraging fewer cyclists to pedal down the High Street in search of lampposts, risking collisions with pedestrians.