Surrey Council have released their plans for a new Sustainable Movement Corridor (West) to help improve sustainable travel from the Research Park to the station. Please help us make it better by commenting today  

We think the plans don’t go far enough and we need your help to improve the route for those who want to cycle this route safely.
Have a look at the plans here and then go to the Surrey Council website to make your voice heard by this Sunday 29th October.

Here’s some of our feedback that you might want to include in your response:

The planned SMC(West) will have many stops and delays for cyclists. It is essential to minimise waiting times at junctions, exits etc, otherwise cyclists will be tempted to take risks, or just stay on the road, and the plans will not create a significant modal shift.
Priority must be given to cyclists over motor traffic (eg dedicated lights, ‘tiger crossings’ or Dutch-style roundabouts.
On dedicated cycle paths, separate marked lanes for cyclists and pedestrians must be provided.
Turns for motor vehicles entering and exiting the side roads need to be tightened to make them safer for those crossing on bikes and on foot.