G4 ride – 4th November

On Wednesday 4th November a select band of 6 group 4 riders set off from Ripley for coffee at Polesden Lacey. The f’cast was for showers, but actually we scarcely got rained on at all. After coffee we were heading for the Scarlett Arms at Walliswood, but so were the group 3 riders, so our main objective was to get there first We went via Box Hill, Betchworth, Newdigate, Capel & the lovely (if poorly surfaced) Weare Street.

We arrived at the pub about 10 minutes before the other group. Result! But there was plenty of food for all. After lunch I returned via Elstead, Cranleigh and Shamley Green. Strava says we did 88.2k & 720m of climbing. It also calls one of the Strava segments “Box Hill cake stop”, but I can assure you we didn’t stop for cake! Many thanks to Nick Davison for leading us (& getting us to the pub 1st!).

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Where’s this?

Somehow I’ve managed never to visit this tucked away spot before, despite its being only a few miles from several of our regular watering holes.  Do you know where it is?

DSC04895 waterfall


West Surrey CTC AGM

West Surrey CTC AGM will be held on Saturday November 14th, starting at 10am at the Jack Phillips [Weatherspoons] Pub in Godalming. Come and support our club and bring along your ideas to improve our activities. Tea and Coffee will be available at the start and a free drink at 12 at the bar!
Nick Davison, Secretary.

West Surrey racing across America

An example of the wide range of cycling activities enjoyed by our members is shown by the variety of organised rides, from a gentle pedal down the Basingstoke canal towpath to the energetic All Day Sunday riders.  A further and even more extreme example is provided by Tim and Debbie Richards, regular riders with the Midweek Wayfarers, who on 1st November start their challenge to race across America within a team.

The website to look at is www.racetheworldcycling.com from which you will see that this is a true race between two teams.  Each team must have at least three riders on the road at any one time, and the time is recorded at the end of each stage as the third rider crosses the line.  A day’s riding for the team will be between 200 and 300 kms.  Midweek Wayfarers in particular may wish to follow Tim and Debbie’s progress by looking at the website 1st November, and 14th November, when they are scheduled to finish in Miami; they are in team Deman.

At a slightly more leisurely pace, but in a remarkable feat of endurance, another Midweek Wayfarer rider, John Gilbe, completed the  Paris-Brest-Paris, the true classic long distance event covering 1200 kms, in well under the maximum permitted time of 90 hours; well done John.

Club Clothing – price reductions and last chance to order

My note of 14th October advised that I had been able to negotiate very favourable prices with our clothing supplier, as well as a wider range of products.  I gave the maximum price for each garment, but advised that the I might well be able to offer cheaper prices if good orders were obtained.
The orders I have received to date have enabled me to make certain reductions.  I have also been able to expand the range of products even further, specifically by the inclusion of:-
Cycling shorts without shoulder straps (previously only bib shorts were offered)
Winter weight bibtights
I have obtained samples of various products, and everyone who has seen them has agreed that the quality is excellent; the winter jerseys and winter bibtights are particularly good.  In the case of these two particular products, if I receive 2 more orders for each, then the price will drop further.
The full range of products, and revised prices, are set out below:-
Short sleeve £31.50 (previously £34.50)
Long sleeve  £33.60 (previously £37.00)
Winter weight long sleeve £43.50 (unchanged at present)
Ladies pro-cut  –  short sleeve £47.50, long sleeve £52.00 (both unchanged)
Wind jacket (another product where I obtained a sample, and has been well received; I have obtained 8 orders already)  £42.00 (previously £47.50)
Without shoulder straps – new product – £40.50
Bib shorts  £42.00 (previously £43.50)
Full length  £50.50 (unchanged)
Winter fabric, full length  £58 (new product)
Gilet £42.50 (unchanged)
Softshell jacket (75 (unchanged)
I would remind you that in order to encourage club identity the committee have agreed to provide some subsidy from club funds.  These, together with the discounts that I have obtained from the supplier, make these products, in my opinion, truly excellent value.
I have extended the date for final orders, so if you now wish to place an order, please do so by Sunday 8th November by the latest.  Please e-mail me, quoting precise product and size (I certainly recommend that you look at the Owayo website first,  https://www.owayo.co.uk/cycling.htm, for sizing and full product spec).
John Murdoch