On Wednesday 4th November a select band of 6 group 4 riders set off from Ripley for coffee at Polesden Lacey. The f’cast was for showers, but actually we scarcely got rained on at all. After coffee we were heading for the Scarlett Arms at Walliswood, but so were the group 3 riders, so our main objective was to get there first We went via Box Hill, Betchworth, Newdigate, Capel & the lovely (if poorly surfaced) Weare Street.

We arrived at the pub about 10 minutes before the other group. Result! But there was plenty of food for all. After lunch I returned via Elstead, Cranleigh and Shamley Green. Strava says we did 88.2k & 720m of climbing. It also calls one of the Strava segments “Box Hill cake stop”, but I can assure you we didn’t stop for cake! Many thanks to Nick Davison for leading us (& getting us to the pub 1st!).

2015-11-04 11.34.172015-11-04 11.34.192015-11-04 11.32.05

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  1. Hi William, I know you weren’t leading but the evidence of the photos suggests that you’ve already lost one of your 6 riders in your rush to beat the group 3s to lunch. I’m quite surprised that you only had 720M of climbing. It’s clear that my assumption I would get an easier ride with group 3 was an error as we gained just over 1000M. I’m pretty certain that our excellent leader didn’t lose any riders though.
    It will be interesting to hear what John M says about the 4s breaking with tradition and taking an early lunch!