My note of 14th October advised that I had been able to negotiate very favourable prices with our clothing supplier, as well as a wider range of products.  I gave the maximum price for each garment, but advised that the I might well be able to offer cheaper prices if good orders were obtained.
The orders I have received to date have enabled me to make certain reductions.  I have also been able to expand the range of products even further, specifically by the inclusion of:-
Cycling shorts without shoulder straps (previously only bib shorts were offered)
Winter weight bibtights
I have obtained samples of various products, and everyone who has seen them has agreed that the quality is excellent; the winter jerseys and winter bibtights are particularly good.  In the case of these two particular products, if I receive 2 more orders for each, then the price will drop further.
The full range of products, and revised prices, are set out below:-
Short sleeve £31.50 (previously £34.50)
Long sleeve  £33.60 (previously £37.00)
Winter weight long sleeve £43.50 (unchanged at present)
Ladies pro-cut  –  short sleeve £47.50, long sleeve £52.00 (both unchanged)
Wind jacket (another product where I obtained a sample, and has been well received; I have obtained 8 orders already)  £42.00 (previously £47.50)
Without shoulder straps – new product – £40.50
Bib shorts  £42.00 (previously £43.50)
Full length  £50.50 (unchanged)
Winter fabric, full length  £58 (new product)
Gilet £42.50 (unchanged)
Softshell jacket (75 (unchanged)
I would remind you that in order to encourage club identity the committee have agreed to provide some subsidy from club funds.  These, together with the discounts that I have obtained from the supplier, make these products, in my opinion, truly excellent value.
I have extended the date for final orders, so if you now wish to place an order, please do so by Sunday 8th November by the latest.  Please e-mail me, quoting precise product and size (I certainly recommend that you look at the Owayo website first,, for sizing and full product spec).
John Murdoch