An example of the wide range of cycling activities enjoyed by our members is shown by the variety of organised rides, from a gentle pedal down the Basingstoke canal towpath to the energetic All Day Sunday riders.  A further and even more extreme example is provided by Tim and Debbie Richards, regular riders with the Midweek Wayfarers, who on 1st November start their challenge to race across America within a team.

The website to look at is from which you will see that this is a true race between two teams.  Each team must have at least three riders on the road at any one time, and the time is recorded at the end of each stage as the third rider crosses the line.  A day’s riding for the team will be between 200 and 300 kms.  Midweek Wayfarers in particular may wish to follow Tim and Debbie’s progress by looking at the website 1st November, and 14th November, when they are scheduled to finish in Miami; they are in team Deman.

At a slightly more leisurely pace, but in a remarkable feat of endurance, another Midweek Wayfarer rider, John Gilbe, completed the  Paris-Brest-Paris, the true classic long distance event covering 1200 kms, in well under the maximum permitted time of 90 hours; well done John.