The Surrey Hills Society

This is just to let you know that West Surrey CTC is now a member of the Surrey Hills Society. We use their logo so it was considered appropriate that we joined, and doubly so since a good proportion of our rides take place in the lovely Surrey Hills.

Their letter of welcome is shown below. Should you wish to take part in any of the events they lay on, I am sure that you can. If you need to quote a membership number then, the number is 798/0.

Surrey Hills Soc Welcome Letter April 2014

Sunday Ride with the Sunday Riders ~ 13 April 2014

Another superb day of gorgeous spring weather and a fine route from Guildford to coffee at Newdigate, then lunch at RSPB Wigginholt (otherwise known as Pulborough Brooks) before the ride home. Once the legs got going it was brilliant and the previous Wednesday’s ‘suffer-fest’ no doubt helped to firm the legs up for this 124km ride, taken at a slightly slower pace; and what a difference that makes! Thanks, Clive, for leading it and sorry we lost you for a while.

The Route For a gpx of the route, see

R0013931 R0013932 R0013933 R0013934 R0013936 R0013938 R0013939 R0013940 R0013941 R0013943 R0013944 R0013945 R0013946 R0013948 R0013952 R0013954 R0013956

Wednesday Ride ~ 9 April 2014

What a gorgeous day! But what a ‘suffer-fest’ too! I grovelled home after doing my biggest distance of the year so far – 146kms. So why didn’t I go round the block to make it up to 150? Hmm, I was well knackered and probably only made it in home in compus mentis mode thanks to Don’s Rich Tea biscuits – thanks, Don! Other than the suffering, it was a truly brilliant day and well done to Nick + son who rode even further than me – back to Haslemere.

RouteThe ride started in Chobham, but the image shows my total trip. For a gpx of the route, go to

R0013902 R0013903 R0013904 R0013905 R0013906 R0013907 R0013908 R0013909 R0013912#2 R0013912 R0013913 R0013914 R0013915 R0013917 R0013919 R0013920 R0013921 R0013924 R0013926 R0013928