Question: Why is it such a delight to cycle on the Isle of Wight?

Answers (in no particular order):

  • The excitement of arriving by ferry and being the first to cycle off on an island adventure
  • Quiet country lanes
  • Smooth road surfaces almost everywhere
  • Not too much traffic
  • Motorists who are used to cyclists and so give plenty of room when over-taking
  • Amazing views
  • As many long descents as there are short, sharp climbs
  • A huge choice of pubs and cafes for lunch stops – delicious chips, cakes, ice cream
  • Looking back at the island on the ferry home and looking forward to the next visit

Our recent G3 ride to the Island was an absolute delight for all those reasons but especially for the joy of cycling with a jolly bunch of friends, all happy enjoying a grand day out together in the summer.