We’re looking for a new Treasurer and a new ‘ordinary’ Committee Member.

Our Treasurer, Arthur, would like to stand down – he’s been doing the job for quite some time now – and so we’re looking for someone to take his place. Arthur assures us that it’s an easy job and he’s more than happy to offer guidance to his successor.

Roger, who has worked tirelessly for the club for longer than I can remember, would like to step down because another job he does is proving more arduous than expected. This is a great opportunity for someone who would like to contribute modestly to the running of the club with a view, perhaps, to taking on one of the great offices at a later stage (but with no commitment at all).

If you are even slightly interested in either of these posts and would like to find out more, then feel free to get in touch with the present incumbent, or anyone else on the Committee with whom you feel a chat might be useful.

Normally these posts are ratified at the AGM which, as you know, is but a few days away….

  1. Hi Mark
    If you are looking for a Treasurer happy to volunteer.

    • Dear Roy, many thanks for offering your services as Treasurer. This is all very encouraging: normally we struggle to obtain committee members but this time we seem to have plenty of offers. The process dictates that we hold a ballot at the AGM if more than one person goes for a post and I hope you will be willing to take part in this. There is currently one other person who has offered to take on the role. Will you be there on Saturday? Thanks, Mark

      • I will be there Mark

        • Roy, hi! We’re trying to get hold of your contact details for the website. Could you very kindly send them to John Child – his details are on the website (Club Stuff / Committee). It’s possible John or someone has already been in touch with you about this – I’ve been giving my computer a rest for a couple of days. Many thanks, Mark

  2. Mark, I can help with this if there are no other volunteers. Regards Keith S

    • Many thanks, Keith. A couple of people have offered to stand which is great. I’m sure we’d be delighted to have you on the committee but, as you’re no doubt aware, if more than one person puts themselves forward, then we’ll need to have a ballot. Ballots are very good things because it demonstrates to everyone that it’s not just a single person who has offered their services (or been coerced). So if you’re still interested, please download a nomination form from the website (Club Stuff / CTC Forms / Committee Nomination Form), get a proposer and a seconder and let me have the form, either by posting it to me or bringing it along with you to the AGM this Saturday. (Don’t worry about the statement at the bottom of the form.) Many thanks again. Mark