The weather forecast for tomorrow is still promising heavy rain, high winds, and even the possibility of snow on higher ground.
I have therefore decided to postpone the ride by a day, to Thursday 10th March, all other details to remain the same.  I appreciate that it will not suit all, some plan their weeks to make sure they can cycle on Wednesday but cannot manage Thursdays, but I really feel that there will not be too much disappointment at missing out on the wind and the rain.
I shall be at the start (I may be a touch late, commitments for first thing in the morning, so please just wait for me) and will lead the 3’s and the 4’s; it is a relatively flat ride, so that should be fine.  At the moment I do not have definite ride leaders for the 1’s and 2’s, but please feel confident in turning up, I will try to arrange something suitable on the day.  At the very least you should be meeting up with friends and be able to go on a social ride together, not an organised West Surrey one, so it might be more important for you to bring a map (or GPS).