I have been advised that the Surrey Advertiser are planning to publish an article on John Weatherburn’s ride across America, and intend to send a photographer to the start of our ride tomorrow, to show John riding with our group.  I have agreed to this, it will be a great  opportunity to publicise the ride, or more specifically the fact that he will be raising money, for very personal reasons, for Cancer Research UK.   Our wish must be that this “goes viral” (I think that is the phrase!) and John can then get support from far and wide.
The photo shoot will also be an opportunity, perhaps, to publicise our Club, so I think it would be a good idea for as many of us as possible to wear club jerseys, even if we cover up again later if it is too cold; those who do wear club jerseys can feature at the front of any pictures, which might be an incentive (or not, depending on how you feel!).
It will naturally take time for photos to be taken, so if you can turn up promptly, that would be great.  I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
John Murdoch