Bicycle Icycle 2013

Bicycle Icycle 2013


Yes folks, it’s time for the Icycle. With a route spawned from the delightful Tour of the Greensand (run alongside the Tour of the Hills each August) and adapted to start from Godalming, with a few more hills and miles added to boost up the fun, it’s hard to resist the lure of the Icycle. And this year, the intrepid cyclists of West Surrey have the opportunity to ride it as it should be ridden – in the deep, dank chill of mid-February. And it’s on St Valentine’s Day no less, so how could your divine ‘other half’ possibly resist the opportunity of cycling by your side – what could be more romantic!

A massive turnout is expected, especially since the forecast is now predicting rain for a good part of the day. Let’s see if we can beat recent records and get into double figures.

I’ve decided to offer some splendid alternative entertainment this year in the Conservatory Cinema, in the form of a late breakfast and a showing of ‘Jour de Fête‘, a Jacques Tati classic. I myself will be grappling with my ancient film projector since I have no intention of riding in the predicted conditions.  So don’t be a stay-at-home, come along for coffee, croissants, home made marmalade and a good film, and enjoy the additional pleasure of remaining warm, while our brave and foolhardy compatriots test their mettle against the Surrey Hills. We’ll welcome them back and warm them up at around 2 o’clock.

Whether planning to ride or remain chez moi, it would be helpful to know in advance if you’re planning on coming – and I need to know how many crossants to get!


  1. Count me in for the next showing of Jacque Tatti in Jour de Fete.

    • What, another West Surrey SOCIAL event! Whatever next!! Could be fun, though, and if it ever happens, you’ll be the first to know (subject to my memory not letting me down, of course).

  2. Count me in! However I will have to leave the route early and not finish.