Many of those who attended the New Year’s Day gathering yesterday (and there was a really good crowd I am pleased to say) will have known that there was an unfortunate incident on the ride from Mayford Green that day.  There was a very low speed collision, but it resulted in Nick Higgin falling to the ground before he was able to unclip.  He was taken to the Royal Surrey, where it was discovered that he had fractured his femur.  They were able to operate the same day, and I am pleased to report that he is well and already looking forward to the time when he can be back on his bike.  I am sure that we all wish him well for a speedy recovery.
My thanks to all those who helped at the scene, and particularly Roger Philo and Phil Hamilton, who have also visited Nick in hospital and have each been able to provide some first hand experience of what recovery entails as well, no doubt, as a great deal of empathy.