The order for the next batch of cycle tops is about to be despatched, and I am pleased to confirm that the price (apart from the ladies pro-cut jerseys, for which I only have one order) will be no higher than the indicative prices advised on 17th November, and could even be lower.
I have received many orders (which keeps the price down) but it appears that some have relied on a previous expression of interest and have not confirmed that order since 17 November.  If that is is the case, please advise me as a matter of urgency, as the only orders I am placing are for those requests received after 17 November.   In order that you may check, I am placing orders for Roger Philo (2 jerseys), Chris Jeggo (2), Arthur Twiggs (2), Phil Gasson, Julian Allen, Tim and Debbie Richards, Louise Gagnon, John and Jane Gilbe,
Peter Fennemore, Paddy McLaughlin, Keith Stainer, John Findlay, and Peter Hackman.
If you are not on that list and wish to be, please contact me as a matter of urgency.
John Murdoch (01276-681131)