The astute amongst you will already have noticed that this post is headed “Club Clothing”, not “Club Jerseys”.  That is because I have been able to negotiate some very favourable discounts with our jersey suppliers, which makes their wider range of products very attractive, particularly when ordering small quantities.  This is conditional on us continuing to use our existing design for all products, but this makes sense, as it helps with our club identity, whatever outer wear we happen to be wearing.

You may know that I have always encouraged club members to ride in our own Club shirts as much as possible, to the extent that the committee have authorised additional discounts for purchases.  I continue to offer that encouragement, and would urge members to read the following carefully, and place your orders – the more who do so, the cheaper that the clothing will be.

Please note that you need to do so quickly, I require all orders to be received by me, by e-mail, by Sunday 25th October at the latest.

Please also note that the prices indicated below are the guaranteed maximum price for all the articles of clothing.  Pricing depends on the number of orders for each product variation.  If I receive orders of at least 5 for a particular product variation the price will be £5 less (£3 less for short and long sleeve jerseys), so please encourage all your friends to order.

This is the ideal time to take advantage of these low prices.  If you wish to know a more definite price for any particular item, just e-mail me on 24th October and, based on the number of orders for that product that I have received at that time, I will be able to calculate a revised maximum price

So, here are the offers:-

Club Jerseys
Short sleeve   Max Price  £34.50
Long sleeve    Max Price  £37.00
Long Sleeve winter fabric   Max price £43.50

Ladies Pro-cut (very slim fit; no sports cut available specifically for ladies)
Short sleeve  Max Price £47.50
Long Sleeve   Max Price £52.00

All jerseys come with ¾ length zipper; options of ¼ or full zipper are available, but as these constitute a product variation, they are likely to cost quite a bit more.  The winter fabric is certainly excellent for this time of year.

Wind Jackets  Max Price  £47.50
Lightweight windproof and water-resistant material (G-Tex), easily packed into jersey back pocket, each jacket has small zippered pocket, and mesh pocket sewn inside in which the jacket can be folded up and stored.

Gilets  Max Price  £42.50
As with Wind Jacket, but sleeveless, with mesh back.

Softshell Jackets  Max Price £75
A winter weight  jacket made of wind stopper fabric, with side panels being a flexible wicking fabric;  small zipped side pocket and a larger zipped pocket at lower back.

Shorts and tights

Shorts   Max Price £43.50
Full (tights)   Max Price £50.50
Unisex cut, 8 different sizes, padded with BiElastic, mesh bib straps.  Colours and Club Name will match the Club jerseys.

Who will be the first to wear full West Surrey colours on a ride?

All of these products are cycle specific and tend to be “snug”, so it is worth checking sizing carefully before ordering; why not try on a jersey of another club member to check sizing (before a sweaty ride, that is)?  Also see the Owayo website.

This website will also provide you with fuller details of all the products, and you may also notice what excellent discounts we have secured for low order quantities.

My own personal experience of the jerseys is that they are of excellent quality, they can be repeatedly washed without losing colour or shape. Therefore, my opinion is that the prices we are now offered give excellent value for money.

Please note that I must receive your orders, by e-mail, by Sunday 25th October at the latest in order to be able to place an order which takes advantage of the favourable pricing.

Please specify:-
Precise Product Type (e.g Jersey, Wind Jacket etc)
Size (all available sizes are shown on the Owayo website)

I have already received orders from a few members for jerseys.  At the same time as this message is posted, I will e-mail those from whom I have existing e-mail orders to confirm that I have received your order.  If you wish to change the order, it is not too late, just advise me.

If you think that you have placed an order but do not receive an e-mail from me, it will mean that I have not noted your order; please e-mail me back as soon as possible with details of your requirements.
For more details of clothing with illustrations look at the Club Clothing page