A good number of riders turned up at Petersfield for the start of this week’s Wednesday ride. Car / train assisted rides, where you get the chance to ride some different roads to those in our immediate vicinity, are popular with many and Petersfield, whilst not too far away, gives access to some quiet and potentially lumpy lanes in north Hampshire.

After coffee in the Square in Petersfield, the group split into a couple of groups; the fast boys and girls disappeared up the road and your scribe, having climbed no more than two short hills in the past month, decided to opt for an easier day with the Group 3 riders. The weather was lovely – summer has definitely arrived – and the countryside was looking quite delightful as the photos below amply describe.

Laurie was our leader so thanks to him for this – never an easy job, particularly when your satnav decides not to work properly. Neither did the track when loaded on to Garmin’s website, so it’s not pssible today to show what route we took, other than to say it meandered east from Petersfield into Sussex. We lunched south of Midhurst at the White Horse at Graffham, before heading north to by-pass Midhurst before heading west and so back to Petersfield, passing through Milland and Hollybourne School which benefited from a generous donation from us at the annual dinner in February. A comfortable 70kms in total and a thoroughly good day!

To view the route on Ride with GPX, click on this link: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/5327747

Route 020714

R0014349 R0014348 R0014345 R0014344 R0014337 R0014341 R0014342 R0014343 R0014336 R0014333 R0014331 R0014330 R0014327 R0014328 R0014329 R0014325 R0014324

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  1. A great day out – thanks Laurie – and also to Mark for the ace photos.