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Louise Gagnon writes ….

Find below a few pics of the wonderful volunteers who assisted in making the TOTH a delectable experience for riders, marshalls and organisers alike. (Sorry to Sue Thorne; we have no pic of you; you must have been buzzing around so quickly after your Tour of the Greensands that we missed you!).

Granted the team’s catering goal is to put a smile on the riders’ faces but why are all caterers, marshalls and organiser also grinning from ear to ear?  Because these smiles simply reflect oh so very well the West Surrey CTC club spirit at the Shere Hall on the day!

The TOTH has proven over the years to be “the” event where the largest number of West Surrey club members conglomerate in a big team effort towards the same goal, that of making the TOTH AUDAX event a success.

Much banter and laughter goes on during the day and no doubt this strengthens the bonds amongst our club members. These bonds of friendships are everlasting and are compelling enough to have some of our CTC longtimers drop in for a visit.  Please read on…


Departing my house with a car load of catering goodies. I know: eggs improperly protected for Surrey roads. Never leave the packing to a Royal Navy engineer I say!



The morning catering team: Hilary Stevenson, Lynette Jeggo, Heidi Vinson, Louise Gagnon, Margaret Nieve (good to see you Margaret!), and Jules Lowe.


John Child of the afternoon catering team; his name tag is a long story!


Laurie Mutch comparing notes with yet another happy rider at the tea counter; Laurie routinely does both, an AM marshalling shift and a PM catering shift.


Two very happy riders being served Heidi’s magic potion: tea!


Jules Lowe enjoying a cuppa and chatting with Keith Stainer who has just dropped in after his shift as a marshall. Keith hasn’t had any food and yet he is already smiling; either he is happy to be off shift or he can’t wait for his tea and TOTH Power Bars!


Don Gray, the TOTH Master of Ceremonies. Still looking fresh after a full day of covertly playing “super” Sudoku on his Mac book. Don, all kidding aside, it’s a joy working for you!


Chris Jeggo demonstrating the high load capacity of the new West Surrey CTC jersey. His wife Lynette and Don Gary look on in disbelief.


Don’t know this guy; he just showed up and was observed trying to deplete our food stock. Has anyone seen him before? Could it be a former member, circa 1980 maybe?

  1. Thanks Bob: I will certainly pass on your comments to the team.

    You’re right: Jules is a CTC member and telling the tale of this recent Royal Navy HMS Queen Elizabeth cycling team event could be of interest to our club members. Did I tell you that the First Sea Lord was at the finish line at Whitehall with a shot of rum for everyone? Bob, you left the Navy too early!

    Take care, old sea dog!

  2. Love your blog Louise. Please add my thanks to all your happy helpers.
    I didn’t get the chance to hear all about Jules’ charity bike ride from Edinburgh to London, you called him away, so could you perhaps persuade him to write about it for the club magazine.
    Best wishes