Further to Mark’s post re the Bicycle Icicle, views from Wales:

From a spring day with frolicking lambs on Friday:

To snow stopped cycling on Sunday

and the poor farmers are desperately trying to save the lambs



  1. Yes, you’ve got some serious snow there, Julian. It may be thawing in Guildford but I don’t see many signs of that happening in Godalming right now – in fact there’s snow falling as I write, but hopefully not for long. I think this winter’s a record for the number of rides that we’ve had to cancel due to adverse weather conditions: let’s hope it means we’ll now get the best summer in years – ha, yeah right…!!

    Trust all is well with you. Looking forward to a visit later in the year hopefully.


  2. OMG – you’ve had so much snow Julian! We’ve only had 2.5″ and it is rapidly melting now. What a delightful picture of the gamboling lambs and how sad that the snow has come in again at such an unfortunate time for them. I do hope they are safely found soon.
    Stay warm.