The ride attracted 18 people, twelve of whom were West Surrey riders. These were Peter Hackman, Matt Carolan, Clive Richardson, Helen Juden, Chris Juden, Huw Hitchin, Chris Jeggo, Anne Etherington, Bob McLeod, Chris Boggon, Roger Philo and Mark Waters, the organiser. We also welcomed riders from further afield: Peter Weston & David Funnell (West Sussex); John Beer & Alex Nowicky (SW London); Mike Batchelor (West London) and Denis Crampton (Bracknell).

All completed the course, except one, with the first riders home completing the course in 3 hours 55 minutes, which, interestingly, was identical to the two previous years. It’s a fabulously scenic route, if a bit hilly. Fortunately the weather didn’t make our bicycles icy; in fact the sun shone out of a clear, sunny sky, although a couple more degrees up the celsius scale would have gone down well.

The picture above shows a few of us relaxing after the ride. That’s Mike Batchelor in the foreground, who won the CTC Tourist Competition last year – a great achievement requiring considerable dedication over the whole season.

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  1. It was indeed a lovely ride – you may even have to rename it.
    Below are the comments I received from Diana Pickford who got missed from your list.
    “I really enjoyed the ride, good company which helped me forget about the hills,
    great views and wonderful not to have to worry about the route.”
    Diana is in training for the Mencap E to E challenge.