It was a bit of a chilly start for August – last night in Northern Ireland it was minus 2º! Nevertheless it was sunny and a large, cheerful crowd gathered in Godalming in readiness for the Tanner’s Hilly One! And that’s how it turned out to be: it was good to ride some of the Bicycle Icycle / Greensand route – some in the reverse direction – which of course is a delightful route. It was brilliant to ride up Tanhurst Lane, something I personally hadn’t done for a good number of years: it was still just as good. We took our time over the ride and needed to wait for quite some time on a couple of occasions due to mechanical and gradient issues so Derek changed the lunchstop from Shamley Green to the Volunteer in Holmbury. And very nice it was too – they were busy but they had ample staff on duty and food came quite quickly.

The route shown below shows the one I took which copped out of the final few hills in favour of a flat route back from lunch. For a more detailed view click here:

Thanks, Derek and Anne – nice ride!


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