And so it came to pass that he who hates the cold – your scribe no less – found on waking that it was not cold; plus he needed to ride because he hadn’t since those heady, warm pre-Xmas days (how memories of rain soaked rides fade!); plus, the ride began at Godalming Station – oh joy!

Present at Godalming were Clive, Nick, Martin and Heidi, and Chris B.

It wasn’t much of a day for photographs, but it turned out to be a great day for chatting – well I thought so anyway – so there was plenty of that. It must have been a good day for hills too, although Clive was somewhat co-erced into climbing the dreaded Bexley Hill, because there was no one present who wasn’t up for it – there definitely must have been something in the air today. By gum, what a grovel, but, oh, what sweet satisfaction on reaching the top! Coffee at Café Verdi never tasted better. To say Paul and Don looked better too would not be true, but it was good to meet up with them in Midhurst anyway!

We headed east to round Petworth by the south, then headed northwards via Little Bognor to climb Bedham Common (well done, Paul, on your fixie!) and so reach Wisborough Green for lunch at Luigi’s Old Mill Café.

The ride home took the usual lanes, with nothing of note to report about the ride generally other than the fact that Clive succeeded in getting a few suckers to muddy their feet in search of snowdrops. Yes, they were there in force and looked… well, just as snowdrops usually look: very nice, but perhaps not quite compensation enough for getting our shoes all covered in *&%$. A lovely day however – great route, great company and n’eer a shiver in sight.

For full details of the route:

IMG_2364 (Medium)IMG_2366 (Medium)IMG_2361 (Medium)IMG_2358 (Medium)IMG_2359 (Medium)IMG_2363 (Medium)Map