France celebrates the bike at the Semaine Federale

At this year’s Semaine Federale based in Mortagne au Perche in Normandy the villages and farms went to town in celebrating the velo. It’s amazing that they have the time and inclination to put so much effort into celebrating the bike when they know the Semaine will have passed by in just one day. What follows are photos from this year’s event, with a few others from previous Semaines. They show great imagination and are an inspiring celebration of the bicycle


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Paul Gillingham

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  1. Great photos Paul, thanks for sharing them. One shouldn’t be amazed how much the citizens of Mortagne celebrate cycling and cyclists though. Every 4 years they host one of the staging posts on Paris Brest Paris, and like the others do so in style. I was thinking about PBP just a couple of weeks ago, and am looking forward to the next one in 2019. I strongly recommend it to those that have the time and inclination to do the training.