cakeFive Grade 3 midweek wayfarers braved the weather on Wednesday to celebrate Pat Daffarn’s 60th birthday – that very day. How could we possibly miss this?

One very lonely and abandoned Grade 4 group leader – none other than John Murdoch – joined Pat, Neil, Keith, Phil and Laurie on a thoroughly enjoyable route planned by Phil through the beautiful countryside around Basingstoke. Yes the rain did strike, fiercely but only briefly, just before lunch, and occasionally the gusts blew but this hardly mattered.

Pats 60th Birthday Cake

The real enjoyment was Pat’s surprise at the end of the day. His partner, Maggi, secretly arranged to join us all at the Fox and Goose at Greywell with (unfortunately injured) fellow Grade 3, John Child, and a magnificent cake – sparklers and all.

group pic

(cake supplied by My Little Shop of Cakes)