Here are a few designs for your consideration. All comments very welcome. Awaiting further info from suppliers.

  1. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for your hard work…as usual!
    I agree with Bob’s remarks, especially re the colours. Perhaps it is because of the yellow/green colours that the previous designs did not sell well. I, personally, would prefer blue (mid to dark) & yellow.
    The waist reducing curves in the design might be more popular!!


  2. Hi Mark some nice designs, you have obviously been very busy. I prefer the designs without the straight lines. Do we have to stick with these colours?

    • There seem to be a lot of people asking that question, Bob. I have no idea why we use the colours we do, other than to say that they’re the ‘traditional colours’ of the West Surrey DA. It bothers me not a jot if we change them – I enjoy the time I spend working on the designs. Give me more colours to play with and I’ll be in clover!

      My only concern is that some people may object to the colours being changed without a formal sort of agreement being given by the club as a whole – ie as a motion at an AGM. If the Committee consider that this is ‘by-passable’, then that’s great – we can proceed.

      One has to remember that it’s always the people looking for change that are usually the vocal ones. The ones who are happy with the colours of the tops maybe haven’t considered putting their oar in yet. I think they should start, don’t you! Otherwise the motion to change colour will be carried nem con!

      Thanks for your contribution. Please spread the word to other members by giving them a link to the blog – many probably don’t know of its existence yet! I feel the need for a good healthy discussion.