Bob Mcleod writes….Bob McLeod


I’m feeling a little guilty about abandoning the group 3 ride today. It looks as though I only started riding with them so that I could enjoy last week’s excellent Christmas dinner at the Scarlet Arms. Not true. Neither was it just because Pat was leading dressed up as a reindeer.

The truth is very simple. I was enticed by the offer of Apple Crumble at the Crossways Inn at Churt, plus the added inducement of being towed home, almost to my door, by that excellent leader John Murdoch. (This is not to assume that there are not equally good leaders with group 3 but so far they have never offered their rear wheel and towed me home.)

As to the photo. I shot ahead, being familiar with the opportunities this ford on the road past Little Frensham offers for a sometimes dramatic picture. It can be a very tricky crossing, as many of you, including our leader, know. Often riders dismount to take the bridge in order to stay dry, only to be thrown into the stream having slipped on the greasy planking. Sadly no such incident occurred today. Another common incident is for a rider to run out of speed having removed his feet from the pedals and then not being quite able to clear the stream, dismounts into the water. This happened to one unnamed individual today but due to my ineptitude I had failed to get the camera ready in time.

I offer my apologies for the photo of Don looking triumphant having foiled my attempt at getting an interesting action shot.


  1. Sorry Bob. If you’d asked I’d have gone back and done it again! After all, my feet couldn’t have got any wetter!

    • Thanks for that kind offer Peter, I was trying to spare you from embarrassment. While on the subject of getting wet, I’ve been waiting for the latest report from the SAD Riders.
      Best wishes