We have received this invitation from Surrey County Council, an ideal opportunity for you to influence cycle policy across the Borough:

You are invited on behalf of Surrey County Council to comment on the proposals that are being developed for a network of cycle facilities across Guildford Borough.

We have set up a drop-in session, to be held from 16:00-20:00 on 28 May 2015 at The Holy Trinity Centre in the Lower Hall (off Guildford High Street) and it would be great if you could come to give us your views. The aim of the session is to get comment and feedback from a range of stakeholders on:

  • a proposed facility network as developed at a previous workshop;
  • the developing ideas that could comprise a bid to the Local Enterprise Partnership funding board.

The proposed network will be displayed and you will be asked to leave comments on it, officers will also be in attendance to discuss it with you.

There will also be other boards to provide the context for cycling in Guildford including cycle count data, casualty data, training and promotional activities.

If you have any queries, please email me.

Kind regards


Travel SMART Business Support Officer

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  1. Is CTCWS a stakeholder and if so does it have any collective policy to contribute?