Greetings West Surrey CTC pals,

Riders looking for a slightly different ride from normal might be interested in the following, which well sums up the nature of the night rides.

Paul Gillingham

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  1. Hi John,

    The next Fridays ride is Friday week, 13th Sept, leaving National Theatre at midnight after roll-call etc 11.30, arriving Brighton for breakfast around 8am, with a stop half way for cakes, sandwiches, drinks. I take the train to Waterloo, then pedal round the corner. Then train back from Brighton.

    It’ll be my sixth of the season.

    The last one this year is London – Shoreham, 11th October. Please see the Fridays website for more details. I probably wont do that if I do the New Forest Gridiron on the Sunday.

    You would enjoy these night rides. They are so different and its amazing how quickly you recover by the day after (even a codger like me!!).

    Hope to see you on one.

    Best wishes,


    PS John. I expect you saw the Guardian article, by clicking on the pic above. P

  2. Like the pic Paul. Please keep me informed on when forthcoming rides will occur.