Bus lanes are cycle lanes too!  Please complete the consultation , it takes less than 5 minutes.

Surrey County Council (SCC) is offering to install cameras to discourage unauthorised vehicles from using the cycle and bus lanes. Some motorists are objecting and suggesting the bus lanes should be scrapped altogether and in some cases have succeeded.

The comments section of the consultation allows you to express your opinion. 

  • New housing estates in Guildford, Dunsfold and Ripley will increase traffic, making the existing traffic jams in Guildford seem minor. We must provide attractive alternatives to personal cars in order to meet CO2 targets, reduce pollution, and improve personal fitness.
  • Bus lanes help reduce conflict between cyclists and cars, and help produce a safer environment for cyclists.
  • Bus lanes help speed up bus services.
  • Bus lanes reduce commuting times for those who rely on buses to get to school, work or appointments.
  • Bus lanes help support those who cannot afford a car, or who can’t drive.
  • Active Travel on foot or cycle frees those without access to a private car, including children.
  • Active travel frees parents from taxi services.
  • Active travel, walking to the bus, cycling builds exercise into your daily life and thus produces fitter and healthier people

G-BUG campaigns for safer active travel infrastructure to encourage walking, cycling, and human powered wheels, that is, any alternatives to the private motor vehicle.

Pat Daffarn & G-BUG team