Thank you, those 13 of you who asked me to be their proxy at the recent CTC/CUK AGM.  There were about 50 people present in the meeting, and from the voting figures announced in the meeting it would appear that they were able to cast roughly 100 proxy votes between them in addition to their own.  The chairman on the other hand held about 2900 proxy votes, including 900-odd discretionary ones which were all cast in favour of the Council line as set out in the April ‘Cycle’.  Thus all resolutions were decided in advance of the meeting by the proxy votes, and the only two that did not go the Council’s way, via directed proxy votes vested in the chairman, were:
Resolution 6 – passed:  that candidates for election to Council must have been fully paid-up members for at least a year;
Resolution 8 – passed:  that CTC follow the recommendations of NCVO – Report of the Inquiry into Charity Senior Executive Pay.

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  1. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your efforts on this. I’m afraid I rather took my eye off the ball and forgot to contact you. However,it looks like you adding my proxy votes to your stash would not have made any difference to how things panned out. I hope you enjoyed going to the meeting anyway and maybe got something good out of your visit. I await further developments.
    Dave Williamson.