Louise Gagnon writes…..

What a joy it was to ride the usual Wednesday Midweek Wayfarers G3 ride in such glorious sunshine (cool shades were a must) and replace the traditional pub lunch by a delicious BBQ hosted by Neil and Elaine Eason as well as Laurie Mutch.  Chris Williamson did a super job in leading 15 of us though the spectacular Farnham area countryside before returning to Neil’s place just in time as this latter was turning over the last Pirbright’s own butcher sausage on his massive gas BBQ.

The banter and humour were at an all-time high throughout the ride, probably fuelled by the constant mileage countdown by a few of our hungry riders of how far we were from sinking our teeth into juicy beef burgers: 7 miles to go, 4 miles to go, etc.

A fantastic and very inviting spread of food so kindly prepared by our 3 hosts awaited and we had a wonderful afternoon of [more] banter and camaraderie in the sunny back garden.

Laurie had done great work in trying to rally as many G3s: of course quite a few were away on the day but we were fortunate to see a few familiar faces, such as Jane Gillbe, William Boothby and Lee Hereward.

And so a very warm thank you Neil, Elaine and Laurie for organising this very successful event, proof positive that riding with our Club is so much more than just merely “piling on the miles”!

As usual, here are a few pics of the day:


What we had all been dreaming of for 47 miles.


Brian King (on the right) trying to look away from the tempting BBQ food being prepared as John Child and Keith Ricketts look on.

Derek Ridyard, Gill Ridyard and Maggie Daffarn enjoying the feast while trying their best to stay out of the sun.

Laurie Mutch (standing centre) doing great work catering for the hungry crowds. L to R: Alec Mackenzie, Chris Williamson, Lee Hereward, Laurie Mutch and Keith Stainer. Notice Phil Gasson in the background, probably going back for seconds which is entirely legit.


“Maggie, are you happy to be away from all this contractor dust?” “Oh yes I am!”

Our 3 wonderful hosts who made this such a memorable event: Laurie Mutch, Elaine and Neil Eason. Thank you all!