Have you just got your old bike out of the shed?


Have you wanted to try it out on the much emptier roads whilst we are locked down? Build your confidence by joining one of our group rides. We will help you with any technical problems you may have and at the same time make sure you will never be left behind.


Now that lockdown has eased slightly, we have now started to arrange informal coffee meet-ups where members cycle solo or in small groups to prearranged open air meeting places where we can catch up and enjoy a drink before heading home again.


If you are interested in joining us please call one of our group leaders on this page who will be able to let you know where we planning to meet.


We are definitely not a “racing club”, we enjoy pottering around the lanes, visiting coffee shops and pubs on the way.


West Surrey Cycling Club (WSCC) is a branch of Cycling UK with over 200 active members who live in and around Guildford, Woking, Godalming, Farnham, Haslemere, and Camberley. You don’t have to be a member to join a ride, and we cater for all levels and ability in a way that is social, enjoyable and safe. Last year we organised 350 rides in the gorgeous scenery of Surrey and surrounding counties, led by experienced ride leaders.


Get in touch and we can let you know when our rides resume.


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  1. Hello There, I have been asked to sell off a complete trailer full of thousands of bike parts, wheels, bike frames of all types, the list is vast
    If you send me your email I can send photos etc.
    Is anyone interested.
    Alan 01932 248702