CTC West Surrey LOGO

Here are some further ideas for the logo. Obviously one can fiddle around with ideas until domesday but this is yer lot for now! Comments welcome either directly or why not post them below for others to see. The first is obviously the current one with the letters ‘DA’ taken out.

Summer Navigator Results

Summer Navigator – 17 June 2012
Name Start Finish Points Penalties Total
Mark Heal 10.05 14.05 1040
Roger Philo 10.12 14.02 600
John Wilkins 10.12 13.54 430
Celia Wilkins 10.12 13.54 430
Sue Shaw 10.12 13.54 430
Hazel Steventon 10.12 13.54 430
Basia Pietrusiewiez 10.12 13.54 430
Hugh McKee 10.28 14.19 855
Liz Palethorpe 10.28 14.19 855
Carole Moore 10.28 14.19 855
Mark Aldridge 10.12 ???

checkpoint “Hugh” Mark Heal Roger Philo Easyriders
1 70 70
2 70 70
3 40 40
5 50 50
6 30 30 30
7 20 20 20 20
8 30 30 30
9 50 50
10 40 40 40 40
11 30 30 30
12 80 80 80
13 60 60 60
14 45 * 90
15 80 80 80
16 90 90
17 120
18 110 110
19 150 150
20 120 120
Total 855 1040 600 430

Hospice to Hospice Charity Bike Ride ~ Sunday 30 September 2012

The charity, Shooting Star Chase, provides incredible support to families with a child never likely to reach its 19th birthday. It’s an almost unimaginable situation for most of us and it’s not hard to imagine how important any available support must be.

So instead of your usual Sunday ride, why not raise some money and take part in what is bound to be an enjoyable and very worthwhile day. Starting in Guildford (so there’s no excuse!) a choice of rides – 40, 24 or 16 miles (Hampton start) – will all finish at Lord’s Cricket Ground in Maida Vale, West London (24 mile ride ends at Hampton).

Lord’s has long been seen as the ‘Home of Cricket’ and the game’s spiritual ‘headquarters’. It remains, to this day, perhaps the most important single place in world cricket. If for no other reason, having the chance to take a look around Lord’s has to make the ride worth doing.

The entry fee is very reasonable and the amount they ask participants to raise is conservative in comparison to many charity rides. Full information is available from the Chase website.

They’re also looking for volunteers to help with the event. You can contact volunteers@shootingstarchase.org.uk for further details.

(With thanks to Nick Davison for this blog entry)

CTC West Surrey Reliability Rides 2012

The four rides ~ 35 and 50 miles ~ from two starting points ~ Pyrford and Godalming – went well with an increased turnout compared to last year – always pleasing for the organiser, who was Roger Philo. Thanks, Roger!

A great course and sunny weather, although it was a shame the temperature was more arctic than spring-like!

Those who completed the ride were Mike Batchelor (guest rider from London and current CTC Tourist Competition Champion), together with Chris Boggon, Nick Davison, Jane Gillbe, John Gillbe, Peter Hackman, Chris Jeggo, Clive Richardson, Geoff Smith, Anne Tanner, Derek Tanner, Arthur Twiggs, Jonathon Walters, Mark Waters, from CTC West Surrey.

Photos from the ride may be found here:

(Larger versions of all the images available from me if required.)

Cycle Theft Prevention

Here’s something useful sent in by Nick D.

Winston Churchill once described the Second World War as history’s most avoidable war; could bike theft be our most avoidable crime?

The growing problem of bicycle theft (over ½ million last year) is relatively easily tackled. A very cost effective piece of the jigsaw of deterrants, designed to prevent crime, can be utilized by any club member.

Possession is still nine tenths of the law. Look at the Home Office web-site and you will see that they strongly advise people to mark their possessions. The reason is quite simple: if the Police or Trading Standards come across suspected stolen goods, they need to have some identification on the items so that they can be linked to the crime. Otherwise they’re wasting their time, as the courts will not support any action for stealing or dealing in stolen property unless there is proof (Section 22 of the Theft Act 1968) about who the property belongs to. It is this fact which helps the thief, who will avoid items which are obviously marked.

Thieves do NOT want to be caught with any item that is marked and can be linked to the crime. There are plenty of other pickings, without ID marks, which are much less risky.

It’s not expensive to ID mark your bikes and register them FREE for life on The National Mobile Property Register, approved by the Home Office under The Data Protection Act for use by the Police and Trading Standards.

To make marking effective three things are needed:

1. Clear obvious ID marks which are difficult to remove and should leave behind some permanent marking. These are an immediate deterrent to the thief.

2. Covert or hidden ID marks which are even more difficult to find and remove.

All formats of covert ID markings require specialist equipment to detect and read them. However the technology in most cases, apart from two, are protected by patents for the companies who make them and therefore not subject to backing by the law. The two exceptions are UV marking and Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) microchips that conform to the International Standards Organisation ISO 11784/5 FDXB standard. These ISO chips are backed by EU legislation which under UK Statutes passed in 2009 are enforced by Trading Standards who are required to have the equipment, scanners, to detect and read these ID.

3. Registration of those ID marks on a database approved by the Home Office under the Data Protection Act for use by the police and trading standards. With additional facilities for the general public to check an ID mark and see if it has been logged as stolen yet maintain the secrecy of the owner’s identity.

Our ID marking kit is an ID marking system backed by EU legislation. To see the kit go to our web site and watch the Youtube video


A ‘Standard’ kit provides enough materials for two bicycles:

2 x RFID Covert microchips
4 x Holographic Anti-Tamper ID Tags
2 x Cycle Passports to log the details

Price £24.99 inc vat and p&p
Order from our secure web-shop:

or by phone from 01474 350883