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Monthly archive for March 2016

An expedition into West Sussex

It was a happy band of six Grade 2 cyclists and five bicycles (work out the maths!) who travelled by train on Wednesday to Liphook, where we were greeted by a reception party of a further four cyclists. After the initial climb out of Liphook, we enjoyed an easy ride along quiet lanes to coffee at the Maple Ridge garden centre. It was after this relaxing interlude that the real adventure started, for this was no ordinary West Surrey CTC route but a trademark Chris Juden route, incorporating stony and rutted bridleways and even a vast, open field! For the more intrepid among us, such routes are a real bonus but for those who prefer a nice stretch of tarmac, it was perhaps a tad too bumpy. Our efforts were amply repaid though with glorious views all around. This rather unconventional route delivered us to the cosy interior of the

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The Beryl Burton Story

I went to see Maxine Peake’s play ‘Beryl’ at the Rose Theatre, Kingston last night.  West Yorkshire Playhouse’s production of the story of the best woman cyclist ever was very well done.  Some of you may have heard the radio play of it on the BBC a couple of years ago, but it’s much better on the stage.  A most enjoyable evening – recommended!  It’s got a few more days to run – till this Saturday.

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WMW Group 3 Ride ~ 16 March 2016

What, no rain and no frost? It must be spring! It is and we all know what that means – cold easterly winds; and we were not to be disappointed. Nevertheless, it wasn’t too bad, and as the day wore on, it became sunnier, but not much warmer. Certainly more riders had crawled out of their burrows than on the past two or more rides and here they all are at the bus stop on Pirbright Green – well, the thees and fours anyway; the ones and twos were allowed another half hour in bed so we didn’t see them. The threes quickly overtook the fours – Mr Murdoch was re-named Mr Puncture for the day, although they still somehow beat us to coffee in Odiham – must have taken a shorter route. The route is only glorious for the last section; unfortunately there are things called connurbations between Pirbright

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Wednesday Ride postponed

The weather forecast for tomorrow is still promising heavy rain, high winds, and even the possibility of snow on higher ground. I have therefore decided to postpone the ride by a day, to Thursday 10th March, all other details to remain the same.  I appreciate that it will not suit all, some plan their weeks to make sure they can cycle on Wednesday but cannot manage Thursdays, but I really feel that there will not be too much disappointment at missing out on the wind and the rain. I shall be at the start (I may be a touch late, commitments for first thing in the morning, so please just wait for me) and will lead the 3’s and the 4’s; it is a relatively flat ride, so that should be fine.  At the moment I do not have definite ride leaders for the 1’s and 2’s, but please feel

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Tomorrow’s Ride, 9th March

The weather forecast for tomorrow is currently dire, heavy rain for most if not all of the day, and high winds.  I cannot believe that there will be much demand for a ride, and would not want to require leaders to turn up in such conditions.  Of course, riders may wish to go out on their own, and there is also the possibility of postponing the rides for a day, to Thursday.  I should be able to lead the 4’s that day, at this stage I cannot guarantee any further ride leaders. Of course, the forecast might change, I will monitor the situation, and will post a further note, with a decision and update, late this evening or first thing Wednesday.  Please make sure you look for this before heading out (in the rain). John

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Annual Dinner 5th March

A reminder that the annual dinner takes place tomorrow.  Bookings have now closed, and we have 65 attendees, which is wonderful support for the evening.  I have just sent an e-mail to all who have booked to confirm arrangements.  If you think that you have booked, and do not receive an e-mail shortly, please contact me direct. John

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