Wednesday Intermediates Isle of Wight Ride ~ 28 May 2014

The weather didn’t disappoint – it was out to get us from the start! But we still had a great day and it actually stopped raining during the afternoon. Good company, good riding and good food probably sums up the day as well as any other words one could write.

Members present: Chris Williamson, Louise Gagnon, Mark Waters, Steve Bethell (guest), John Child, Alex Nash, Jo Stokes, Hilary Stephenson, Laurie Mutch, Noel Boyd, Brian King & Ian ….

We took the Fishbourne car ferry from Portsmouth at 10am, so it was a relatively late start. The car park opposite the terminal cost £8 for the day. Do book the ferry online in advance to save an ‘admin charge’ which doubles the cost of a ticket – £10.20 return for senior railcard holders.

John was our noble leader and an excellent job he did too! We headed pretty much south to reach the south coast (one or two quite busy roads here) at which point we turned west to follow the coast. Lunch was taken at the pub in Brightstone, after which we had the climbs up on to Tennyson Down to contend with. We then enjoyed a break at Freshwater Bay whilst about three of us dealt with punctures acquired on the Down. The cycle path to Yarmouth followed, after which we headed back into the deep countryside bound for Cowes. Some of the gang continued straight back to Fishbourne, it being relatively late by now; those planning on staying for a bite this side of the water lingered for a spot of tea before taking the chain ferry and riding the last few miles back to Fishbourne where we enjoyed a meal at the pub by the ferry terminal.

Here’s the route we took:

Map of route


Good to see the ladies taking an interest in puncture repairs whilst the men just watch!

Good to see the ladies taking an interest in puncture repairs whilst the men just watch!


Newtown Old Town Hall (National Trust). Where's the town?

Newtown Old Town Hall (National Trust). Where’s the town?

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Tennyson Down coming up!

Tennyson Down coming up!

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