Wednesday Ride ~ 9 April 2014

What a gorgeous day! But what a ‘suffer-fest’ too! I grovelled home after doing my biggest distance of the year so far – 146kms. So why didn’t I go round the block to make it up to 150? Hmm, I was well knackered and probably only made it in home in compus mentis mode thanks to Don’s Rich Tea biscuits – thanks, Don! Other than the suffering, it was a truly brilliant day and well done to Nick + son who rode even further than me – back to Haslemere.

RouteThe ride started in Chobham, but the image shows my total trip. For a gpx of the route, go to

R0013902 R0013903 R0013904 R0013905 R0013906 R0013907 R0013908 R0013909 R0013912#2 R0013912 R0013913 R0013914 R0013915 R0013917 R0013919 R0013920 R0013921 R0013924 R0013926 R0013928