In case you’d somehow overlooked the fact, it’s our First Event of the Year tomorrow and the weather isn’t looking promising from a cycling point of view. I don’t want to cancel it yet because all the forecasts say something different and there might be someone out there unafraid of the zero temperatures. If the snow doesn’t hit us over night, there’s still a possibility that the roads will be dry, but it’s important to bear in mind the effects of cold on the accumulated choss which covers copious sections of the route. It really was very dirty out there yesterday when I rode the full route in fine conditions.

My reluctant recommendation would be not to ride the Icycle tomorrow. If anyone chooses to ride and s/he comes to grief, then they must accept the fact that they chose to ride against my recommendation; I will not be held responsible!

I’ll be posting an update at around 8.30am tomorrow morning, at which point I will decide whether or not to officially cancel the event. So if you’ve still not decided to call the whole thing off, please check out this page tomorrow after 8.30am.

Here’s hoping for a heatwave over Easter!