I have long believed that we should be providing short and quite quick weekend rides for our members, and also believe that the demand is there.  However, in order to add such rides to the programme, we need ride leaders prepared to take on such rides.
My proposal is that we add rides on a Saturday morning, starting at 9.30, c 35 miles, at a pace of about 15 mph.  No coffee stop, so you should be back by 12.00.  By arranging these for a Saturday, it should not affect all the regular Sunday rides.
I would be happy to  lead such rides once a month, but naturally require further ride leader volunteers.  Please let me know if you are happy to take this on, if I can get 3 more volunteers then it will a commitment for only once a month.  If you are not already a registered ride leader, please do not think that you cannot put your name forward, we are always needing new ride leaders, and the procedure for adding new ride leaders is straightforward, designed simply to make sure that those who are lead on rides are protected by a responsible and experienced rider.
Please contact me direct if you are happy to volunteer.  Once I have the necessary commitment I will draw up a rides programme, which will be shown on the Rides Calendar.