The forecast for tomorrow is that it will again be very cold overnight, and although not above freezing until some time in the morning, it should be sunny.
Personally, I may well bring the bike in the car to the start at Mayford (note the alternative arrangements for the grade 2’s) and then assess whether the roads appear to be free of ice and therefore safe to ride; I will cancel, amend, or delay the ride if they are not.  I will certainly be there. 
If you plan to cycle to the start, please make your own assessment earlier in the morning and only do so if you consider it to be safe.
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  1. How comforting that our leaders are taking this re-assessment of the road conditions seriously. Just last Saturday Peter Fennermore rang everyone in his group as he deemed the next day’s condition unsafe.

    Way to go fellow leaders; at our age when any of us take a tumble, we no longer bounce anymore!