Use it or lose it!

If you’re not on an “Away Day” ride why not drop in for a cuppa & cake.

I hope to hobble or wobble in tomorrow at about 3pm


  1. I should have also mentioned in my reply above that the teas are held on alternating Wednesday afternoons.

    • Sorry for putting this here but I couldnt find a way of doing it directly.
      This is a copy of a message I sent to Head office – No reply naturally!

      1. When I voted electronically it said I had to vote for FOUR candidates.


      I have stood for election in a number of organisations & voted in many more, but never previously seen a requirement of this kind.
      In a multi-member election, it always says “up to”
      It may well be that the voter only thinks 2 or 3 are worth voting for & doesn’t want to disadvantage their candidate by voting for one of the others. Or they might know 1 or 2 people well, want to vote for them & not know or care about the others.

      I have often seen this in local Government elections in multi-member wards. For example in a 3 seat ward there might only be 2 green candidates and a keen environmentalist might not want to vote for one of the other Parties.

      And in a parish election it is very common for people to only vote for those people they know.

      Why have you taken away our democratic right to selective abstention?

      2. And there were a number of other candidates who were nominated but did not appear on the ballot paper. It is reasonable for a “nominations” committee to give their opinions on candidates but not to debar them (except on such grounds as being an undischarged bankrupt) but not to debar them. Organisations as diverse as the National Trust and Building Societies allow candidates who they don’t like to stand and so should we.

      We should trust our Members!

      Keith Chesterton – Ex-CTC Council Member

  2. Where is this Puttenham tea place?

  3. Where is this Puttenham tea place?

  4. Where is this Puttenham tea place?

    • Keith,
      The teas are offered in Puttenham Church right opposite the camping barn. They occur fortnightly during the summer from about 3.00 onwards until about 4.30 and a board put out next to the war memorial by the church steps lets you know they are open. They are well worth supporting.