Pat Smith of Brockham Oil Watch (BOW) writes:

Oil exploration and drilling in the Weald is changing and this has huge implications for cyclists.  Recently passed plans for Leith Hill involve extensive movements of huge lorries along Coldharbour Lane (from the village of Coldharbour to Dorking) which is narrow and constantly used by cyclists. The road surface is fragile to start with and will probably not be repaired until the 18 weeks of exploration finishes.
BOW is a non-political group of concerned local people who want to raise awareness of the implications of the changing face of oil developments in this area.  We are increasingly worried about loopholes in regulations and this has received a lot of media attention. 2 BBC News items / front page of The Times / article in The Independent / current edition of Private Eye (p11).
We are holding an event on Easter Sunday: come along to Brockham Oil Watch’s ‘All About Oil’ on Easter Sunday April 16th, 2.00 – 4.30 at the Village Hall, RH3 7JJ. Find out more about controversial drilling proposals near Brockham and Leith Hill and discover the wider picture about oil-drilling in the Weald and how it will affect cyclists. Knowledgeable speakers, stalls, activities and videos to watch. Then relax at the first of Brockham’s famous Teas on the Green with delicious cakes and treats in aid of Children with Cancer UK.
Feel free to phone me on 07867558284 if you have any questions.
Editor’s note: see also: regarding the Leith Hill Action Group. Here’s an article from a recent edition of MBR: